Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All Star Support

Who is your "All Star" support group?

We all have one wether by design or default. They are the people we listen to on a regular basis. The real question is: Are you listening to the right people for the situation? Do you spend time only listening to the people that support your personal point of view? There is an old saying "misery loves company," so are you picking the folks that will commiserate with you? If we don't pick our "All Star" Support group, it's easy to fall into the traps like those above.

Everyone has different needs, but here is how I selected mine:
My wife is impacted and will impact any decision that I make about the future. Choose your spouse or significant other or chances are the changes won't work.
A great, but not close friend, because they support my success but are not mired down by the excuses that come with my personal life.
A great friend that is close, because they understand what fits me sometimes better than I do. It's important that this person be able to give you their complete honest opinion.
The job club or group is being counted as one in my "All Star" panel as they hold me accountable and bring an understanding of the task at hand.
A professional career counselor offers guidance and has been through this before with others.

In other words my "All Star" support group is supportive with no acceptance of excuses, and an understanding of the various pieces of my task and how they fit together.

What's your support group look like? Are they "All Stars?" Did you assemble the group for this purpose or was it by default?

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