Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not all “Job Fairs” are created equal.

Next Wednesday, Oct 10th, Career Prospectors, a networking group for career seekers in the Richmond area, will sponsor their second job fair this year. They have secured other sponsors (listed below, with a link to the details and how to register) and they have secured, to date, 33 companies that are looking to fill positions immediately.

Since the group tends to be professionals looking for jobs in IT, Accounting, Logistics, Project Management, Sales, Marketing and Human Resources, they have targeted companies that have needs that they might be able to fill. With 8 days to go there are 141 people registered to attend on LinkedIn events.

There are a couple of things I find extraordinary about this event. The first is that it is being organized by volunteers that know that if they help each other in their career search, that they all will find jobs faster. This will also show up in the way they attend the event, treating it as a networking event, because they know that while there are some companies looking for something they may want, there are other recruiters that will find out the next day, week or month, that they need talent that they weren’t looking for at the event.

The second thing that stands out is the little bit of cost that is involved in putting the event on. There is no cost for companies or job seekers to attend. There is of course, some cost for the space, supplied by one of the sponsors and there will be some bottled water distributed and some signage and name tags that will be sponsored as well.

Marketing is being done through networking, that is to say word of mouth and social media, so there are no monetary costs created to secure employers or prospective employees. Because the registration is being handled on LinkedIn events and Meetup, there is also the advantage for recruiters and job seekers of being able to follow-up easily.

In the end, what it appears that is going to happen, is that a group of people looking for great employees is going to come together with a group of people that are demonstrating how great they can be.

Sponsors for this event include:
Career Prospectors
Brandywine Realty Trust
Attributes For Success, LLC
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers
Winning The Training Game
To find out more click here.

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