Monday, August 22, 2011


There are certain words that say a lot and nothing at all. We’ll look at “incredible” and what I mean by that in a second. There are also words that mean nothing and say a lot, just by the fact that we use them. 
An example of this second category is “fine.” I use the word fine even though I know that it is generally worthless. Someone greets you with “how are you?” Thinking, maybe knowing, that they really are just saying “hello,” you answer “fine” and ask the same question to them. They may say something like “fine” or maybe they say “good” meaning “Thank God this conversation is over” or “I really don’t have time to talk to you right now.”
Even if you really don’t have time to talk, everyone understands the meaning and well, those messages are sort of draining, depressing - they’re NEGATIVE. You’ve given of negative energy and what do you get back in return, more negative energy. In other words a drain on you.
It could be that you were just trying to keep a stiff upper lip, as in; “My day is terrible, but I don’t want to burden you with it.” You still get more negative energy, so now your day is worse.
Want to change the cycle? Substitute the word “fine” with “incredible.” Unless you are just the most boring person having the most boring day, which would be incredible unto itself, there is something incredible about your day. In other words you can say it because it is not a lie. You and your day may be incredibly good, incredibly bad or maybe just incredibly normal, but there is something incredible going on.
John Lennon sang “the more love you give, the more love you get.” Love is energy that we manifest and I would argue that almost any other energy we share works the same way. Haters, doom and gloomers and nay-sayers beware!
The thing is that these days, people that harness energy recognize that polarizing the energy makes things work better. Yet there are still things that work quite well regardless of polarity. That’s incredible. No really, “Incredible” could be positive, it could be negative, it works well with either polarity and the result is it come back as POSITIVE ENERGY.
On what may have been the worst day in my life, time will tell, I was asked no less than 5 times traditional variants of “how are you” and responded with “INCREDIBLE.” By the end of the day the positive energy that came back was so great that I’m not sure it wasn’t the best day of my life. Now that really is incredible.
So the next time someone asks you “How’s your day” or any variant, answer with the best smile you can muster INCREDIBLE! It will make your day better.

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