Sunday, August 21, 2011

It’s a blessing

I don’t know what set of circumstances led you to be where you are in life. I don’t know wether you are unemployed, underemployed or wrongly employed. Unless you are just an interested bystander, you like me are looking for another job or better yet a new career. That’s a blessing.
Let me explain. Regardless of what category you fit in, you have an opportunity to move forward. Life is not judged by the results we get, it’s judged by how we react to those results. You can mourn for what you have lost, but if you stay mired in it, it’s still lost. So have your little pity party. It’s OK. You deserve it.                                        Now that that is over, it’s time to realize that you have an opportunity. 
See this as the blessing that it is and realize that if you were not at this point, right now, you wouldn’t be having the chance to find the perfect job.  
My friend and a person that I am glad to call a mentor, Dave Carpenter, pointed this out to me recently. He told me a story of a fabulously successful, by most standards, business person that resigned his job. When queried about where he was going, he said he didn’t know. His boss, certain that this meant he was going to a competitor pressed for more info. The boss, a successful, by most standards, head of a very prestigious company was finally convinced that the resignation was not for another job, but to avoid “selling his soul” to the job he had. A strange thing happened. The boss broke down crying. The boss had sold his soul to the job. This successful, by many standards, head of this wonderful company didn’t feel there were alternatives. 
We have those alternatives and that truly is a “blessing.”

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  1. There's more to life than any job. Great post John. We can tell when someone has passion for what they do. Keep the great post coming John and "Expect the Best" Mike